December 1, 2022


Here is what some of our patients have to say about Dr. Adams

Before Treatment: “I had reoccurring nerve issues on my right side…I had numbness in my arm, leg, foot and hand and I couldn’t feel or use them effectively. Activity was limited and I began to think this was it and I would always have this problem.”

After Treatment: How is it now? “100% improved. Dr. Adams worked with my right hip and shoulder regularly and it gradually improved and went away! I was surprised and so relieved!” – SS

Before Treatment: “I had a recurrent neck pain and left side numbness for over 15 years. I had seen 2 chiropractors in the past with little improvement. I began seeing Dr. Adams at about 6 weeks post-partum, as my neck pain had become unbearable and was affecting my ability to happily care for my 2 children. Within 2 sessions the pain was gone. I continued to visit Dr. Adams on a weekly basis for a few months, then have gradually moved to once every 3 weeks. Dr. Adams has also adjusted my newborn daughter and continues to monitor her.”

After Treatment:  “I feel wonderful now! I put forth a huge effort – time and financial – to see Dr. Adams weekly. It was hard, especially with a new baby, but SO worth it! I saw complete improvement very quickly and am now maintaining spinal health. I am very grateful to Dr. Adams for her expertise and for the effort she has made to help me feel great again. I highly recommend Dr. Adams to anyone, experiencing pain, but really prior to pain to maintain general health.”  –  JO

Before Treatment: “Constant pain and headaches. No energy and very depressed with high blood pressure. My lower back and neck pain became an everyday part of my life but it was getting more difficult to deal with.”

After Treatment: “I feel much, much better and my energy level has improved.  Within a week I could tell the difference.  Dr. Adams has helped to lower my blood pressure. All my counter vitamins now comes from Dr. Adams.” – KW

Before Treatment: “My left upper thigh to top of knee was numb. It would come and go and sometimes I could stretch out of it – but then I couldn’t get it to go away.”

After Treatment: “With adjustments and traction I no longer have any numbing at all! Firm believer in chiropractic.” – AD

Before Treatment: “Came in due to left arm severe pain and numbness from shoulder to finger tips.”

After Treatment: “After just one visit 95% relief. After 2nd visit 100%.” – DL

Before Treatment: “My ear was blocked after my sinus infection and for over a week wouldn’t clear.”

After Treatment: “I told Dr. Adams about it and she moved my ear around and I felt a pop.  As I hoped it was unblocked. I was afraid it would block again but it didn’t and stayed clear, thankfully because I had a flight to take a few days later and had no issues again with my ear.” – DS

Before Treatment: “Before I began chiropractic care I had lots of stiff, sore muscles, low back pain and frequent headaches.”

After Treatment: “As I continued regular care, the neck and low back pain decreased. Dr. Adams suggested I add a couple of supplements for me to add to my diet. Now, I have more energy, sleep better, rarely have headaches and the muscle tension is gone.  I look forward to even better health as I continue to receive care and follow the advice of Dr. Adams.” – SS

Before Treatment: “Numbness – entire left side of body from shoulder to toes so intense in arm and hand that I had lost muscle control. My hand would fall off my lap with almost no sensation. My torso felt like I was wearing a wet suit (tight).”

After Treatment: “After 1 month much improved! The only remaining symptoms are a slight numbness in left arm and hand. I have almost full use of my hand – continuing to improve. My neck was out of alignment which I believe caused the swelling in my spinal cord which put pressure on the nerves in my neck.” – MM

Before Treatment: “My neck pain became excruciating. I was doing physical therapy and was limiting sugar intake, both of which helped, but the pain was all I could think about.”

After Treatment: “Chiropractic by Dr. Carol Adams has completely changed my life. My neck hardly bothers me now. Care has been gentle and effective. I still believe diet and exercise help too, but improving my alignment has done the most.” – anonymous

Before Treatment: “Extreme back pain; low energy level; poor sleeping and always disturbed or interrupted; often suffered with headaches.”

After Treatment: “Back pain is mostly non-existent! Energy level high. Sleeping sound throughout the night, I am not suffering with headaches. I am greatly improved and feeling well!” – KS

Before Treatment: “I was in so much pain. I was waking up at night with shooting pains in my neck. I was icing my neck constantly and was just cranky from pain and lack of sleep.”

After Treatment: “Not only did Dr. Adams address my pain issues which have significantly decreased, sh also addressed vitamin deficiencies that were also effecting my quality of life.” – SP

Before Treatment: “One evening, a week before Thanksgiving, I experienced an extreme level of pain I had never experienced before. Shooting pain began in my hip, running down my leg and into my foot. I could not sit, stand, or lie down without crying. I spent an entire evening through the night hobbling around my living room looking for a position which wouldn’t cause pain.”

After Treatment: “Dr. Adams contributed my condition to a bulging disc. Approximately 10 treatments later, I rarely have any physical indications of my initial injury, outside of occasional numbness in my big toe. I contribute my quick healing not only to the care I received after injury, but also to the regular chiropractic maintenance I’ve been receiving for about eight years. I appreciate Dr. Adams’ holistic approach to health – including chiropractic, diet, supplements, and exercise, and a visit to a medical doctor when needed.” – MF

Before Treatment: “After incurring a significant back injury and unable to find relief utilizing a variety of main stream medicines (pain relievers), I felt as though I would permanently live with an aching back and neck problem. Living with this ongoing problem for over four months lead me to finally trying Dr. Adams chiropractic services. I honestly was a skeptic and unsure of the outcome. I was talked into my first visit by loved ones and friends.”

After Treatment: “Within several visits not only did I overcome my “chronic” back problems, but I realized how regular adjustments would help not only my aches and pains, but would promote overall good health. I have now found Dr. Adams is able to assist with most if not all of my health related issues. I thank Dr. Adams every morning I awake feeling light, nimble and healthy.” – MB

Before Treatment: “MRI showed ruptured disc. Multiple medical professionals said surgery was a must. Left foot was completely numb. Intense pain in lower back and shooting down leg. Couldn’t get pain relief at all. Couldn’t work, sleep, stand, walk.”

After Treatment: “Within a few adjustments, symptoms started to lesson. Within a few months I was almost 100% symptom free. Chiropractic kept me surgery free in a situation where surgery is very common. I’ve been a regular chiropractic patient for 9 years now, never having gone longer than 4 weeks without an adjustment. I’ve noticed my immune system is greatly strengthened from the regular care – getting sick very infrequently and with much less severity. Also, the regular chiro care has improved my mood and I contribute it to relieving previous, long-standing depression. Regular chiro care has improved my life physically and mentally.” – KG